My learnings and reflections from 2021

There’s power in journaling

Writing is a thinking tool.

It simplifies decision-making by clarifying your thoughts. Dumping all your thoughts on paper or doc will give you peace of mind so that you can think better.

As a creative, I am always bombarded with inspirations and ideas. I don’t want to miss on them, I just drop them in the Notion app and ruminate on them for a while. Notion App is my second brain.

Focus on Focus

I would wish for the power of “Being Indistractable” if I were given the choice.

Instead of trying to strike a work-life balance, learn to prioritize and focus on what matters.

Social media diet works; I was shocked at the amount of time I spend daily on social media apps. I decided to remove those apps from my mobile and to use them only via the web instead. This helped me to avoid my involuntary hooks to these apps.

Own the shit

Don’t work for anyone else, work for yourself. You may regret all the efforts you put in when you work for others and lack ownership. You will never reach your full potential.

While I worked with many clients, the work I enjoyed most was when I had complete ownership and control over what I was doing. Otherwise, it was just another mediocre job.

Don’t expect everyone to be as kind as you

Out there, there are absolutely no shameless, empathy-less brutes; they are here to take advantage of you. Be careful who you trust. Life is a single-player game, so don’t create unnecessary expectations. Play by yourself.

Life can be unfair at any time

Prepare yourself and your loved ones for the worst.

My best friend passed away from covid complications. He was a healthy man who had already endured enough in his life. It was just a matter of time before he died.

An old man who was selling vegetables collapsed due to a heart attack in front of our house, he died when I was holding him. If I had been attentive and knew how to do CPR, I would have saved him.

It’s okay to be single

There’s a difference between loneliness and being alone; loneliness is a feeling of absence. Being alone is a decision you make knowing you are enough.

All of my peers are getting married or have partners. People ask when I will get married, who I will be with. I just don’t know. I have different priorities. My life dynamics are very different from others and I understand them only myself. It is difficult for even my parents to empathize with it. Love happens when it should.

Few people care about you

There are a few good people who will love and respect us unconditionally. People like these provide honest feedback and assist you in growing. It only takes a few interactions to establish an emotional bond. Keep them close to you.

Tourism is not traveling

Tourism is for the eyes, traveling is for the soul.

This year, I’ve been to many places. However, I missed the learning experience that many travelers mention. Spending just one or two days at a place for sightseeing will not give you a true understanding of its culture. Consider staying there for at least a month; Meeting up with locals and having meals with them.

Consistency is the king

Daily routines are very important to maintain life’s rhythm.

The kind of jobs we do are sort of challenging and unpredictable. This leads to a lot of chaos and it affects other areas of our life. To change this perspective, developing a daily routine will help us achieve smaller wins which will compound over time.

My daily routines — Going for a long walk, praying 5 times a day, listening to audiobooks, reading.

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