To design is to create impact

Being a self-taught designer, I know how challenging it is to achieve something one loves and is passionate about. I couldn’t thank enough the people who supported me through my journey. I am committed to giving back to the community in whatever way possible.

Design Advisory

Helping companies through design strategy

I help startups and enterprises get through design decision-making chaos. I facilitate the creation of product roadmaps through discovery workshops and a user-centered design approach. I also help them through networking and finding the right resources.

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Design Mentorship

Helping new designers

To give back to the community, I offer my time talking to beginners about working in tech and design. I mentor them through diverse aspects such as learning paths, portfolio reviews, career guidance, and mock interviews.

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Talking and teaching about design to a diverse audience

I conduct workshops for university students and corporate professionals on creativity, Design Thinking, and UI/UX Design. The main focus is to help non-designers understand and leverage the value of design.

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Democratizing Design

Creating bite-sized content on Instagram

The design has the power to transform the world. Every individual should be aware of their potential to change. Inspired by Don Norman, I am motivated to equip people with designer toolkits to find and solve problems independently rather than waiting for someone. That is Design by the people, Design for the people.

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